NSS: Near Space Systems, Inc.

News, Announcements, and press releases:

NSS video footage released November, 2013.

NSS systems deploying in Republic of Korea as reported in Stars And Stripes Magazine, Sept 2013, Page 5

NSS wins U.S. Department of Energy award for hydropower technology research.

NSS and Bye press release: StarLight high altitude long endurance electric airship development, Phase 2, concluded!

Naval Air Warfare Center Awards Contract to NSS to Develop Solar Powered Stratospheric Airship.

NSS wins International Space Debris Tracking Contract.

NSS announces New Tactical Aerostat Designed for CH-47 Transportability.

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Introducing Near Space: the New Frontier

Fighting terrorism. Securing our borders and protecting resources. Bringing high-speed communications to remote locations. Combating natural disasters. Managing climate change and improving the environment. Ensuring adequate food supplies.

Only Near Space Systems provides low-cost, innovative, effective and environmentally clean platforms for tackling the 21st century's most difficult challenges.

Global Near Space Services and Near Space Systems, Inc.

Global Near Space Services, or GNSS, is a dba of Near Space Systems, Inc. We are developing a family of lighter-than-air (LTA) platforms that carry aloft wide-area communications, broadband, and sensing devices to meet the demands of both military and commercial customers for network connectivity and ready access to mission critical information.

Near Space Systems' primary product lines

The three primary product lines of Near Space Systems are StarTower, StarLight, and StarShadow